Web Security

If you think they’re not interested in your site, think again…

Web Security

Security is no longer an option.  Smart devices integrated with desktops and autos provide criminals with a wide variety of options when looking for places to exploit people.  It’s not a matter of if your website will be hacked or not, but rather when your site gets hacked.  

Nobody cares about my site.  Why would it get hacked?

There are several reasons hackers do what they do.  While some hacking is financially motivated (obtaining banking information, credit cards, etc.) many of today’s hackers use small websites for other purposes such as “Search Engine Poisoning,” a technique by which your site begins advertising casinos, online pharmacy products, or worse.   Here are a few things to think about when securing your website. 

  • Whether you’re a small site or a larger e-commerce platform, if you have a website, hackers will target you.
  • Backing up your site regularly is probably the easiest way to ensure that when your site gets hacked, you won’t experience a lot of downtime.
  • Updating your site regularly to apply security patches and software changes helps keep your site from compromise.   Typically, hackers send out automated scripts to look for known vulnerabilities.  The “bots” note the addresses where there are known vulnerabilities, and at a later time, a malicious script is used to compromise those sites.  Regular updating helps prevent this from happening.
  • Hackers don’t necessicarily care about the content of your site, but rather the resources they can use to promote their causes.
  • An SSL certificate is a must these days, but it will not protect you from hacking and malware.

What Do I Do?

All our web updating packages include security software and regular software updates.  We’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll back up your site, update outdated plugins and software, and if your site does get compromised, we’ll restore it quickly at no charge to you.  

Hackers constantly probe the internet looking for  websites with vulnerabilities.  While we’re diligent in keeping your site safe, the advantage goes to the hacker as he/she only has to get it right once.  Most people don’t pay much attention to security until their site gets compromised.  Most of us don’t think anyone would be interested in a site other than large banks, corporations, and big business.  The fact is, those sites usually take a lot more work to get into, and as such, many hackers like to pick the “low hanging fruit”.  We’ve included a few screenshots of some of our clients (with names removed), showing how many times attackers attempt to get into their sites.   


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