Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing

Optimization or Ads?

The short answer is – Yes!  

Search engines like Google and Bing record billions of searches per month by people looking for what you’re selling.  Search engine marketing can help you start reaching them by showing up with what they’re looking for when they need it.

When a prospect initiates a search, there are a few ways which search engines determine what to display.  Search results basically fall into 2 categories – organic, and paid.  Organic search results are the results the search engines show based on what their algorithms determine are the best match for what you entered.  Paid or sponsored results show results in slots which have been paid for by advertisers.

So, which is better?

Search Engine Optimization and paid advertising serve similar purposes – moving your website up in the search engine rankings, and bringing you more business.  Optimization utilizes the organic channels and paid ads use the sponsored channels.   They both have different strengths and drawbacks.  Traditional SEO takes effort to implement and results don’t come instantly, where paid ads place you in front of your prospects almost immediately.  If you’re looking for help in bringing more prospects to your door, increasing your online sales, or making your phone ring, let’s talk.  

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Website Development

Mobile-first, responsive websites which provide a good user experience are a must in today's marketplace.  Fortunately, we can help.  

Search Marketing

Whether you're buying the ad or optimizing for organic traffic, we can help you plan and execute a well-run search engine marketing strategy.  

Website Analysis

Find out how well you're performing, who's coming to your site, what they're looking for, and how much you're spending to get them. 

Social Media Management

Interact with your customers, build relationships, and keep your finger on the pulse of your industry with organized social media.

Website Security

Whether you're a one person show or a large corporation, the hackers want your site and will continue to attack it.  Let us secure it for you now. 

Video & Television

Say it louder than everyone else, show up in the search engines before everyone else,  and make a bigger impact than everyone else with video

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