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Social Media

social mediaThe New Network Marketing

It’s the new “word-of-mouth” advertising.
Friends tell friends, who tell other friends who need what you have. If you’re not on the social media networks, you’re missing out on business.
Don’t have the time to make a go of social media? Let us shoulder the burden of the process for you.
Simply provide us with the unique aspects of your business, and we’ll turn it into a social media plan. Avoid the generic posting which many social media companies often do. While it saves time for the marketing company, it doesn’t really help people identify with you – especially when they saw the exact same post on 4 other pages. Give us a call and let us help make your social media networks work for you. We offer several options to fit your budget and style.


*Package #1 “The Starter Kit”  $259.00 / monthly

  • Initial Setup Facebook & Twitter Accounts
  • Initial Registration with Google Maps/Local
  • Initial Registration with several online directories
  • 2-3 weekly posts on Twitter/Facebook relevant to your specific company and industry
  • Monthly review of online reputation
  • Bi-Monthly campaign for followers and Facebook likes

*Package #2   $629.00 / monthly
All Set ups from package 1 plus:

  • Initial Setup: YouTube, Google+ & Adwords,
  • Facebook Advertising & Major Search Engines
  • Monthly solicitation of reviews from existing email lists
  • 100.00 towards Facebook advertising charges
  • Development of customer opt-in email list

Package #3 “The Works” $1,249.00 / monthly
All Sets Ups and perks from 1 & 2 PLUS:

  • Website management
  • weekly updates
  • search engine optimization package
  • Quarterly video for website and YouTube